An amazing day of caring and sharing!

I bet when these volunteers signed on for the Day of Caring, they had no idea they’d be toppling the Taj Mahal!

I’ve always known that the United Way is a great organization doing wonderful work around the world, but seeing their impact locally – right in our backyard – serves as a pretty amazing reminder of how much impact people can have when they unite. Last Thursday, more than 1,000 volunteers donated a day’s work to 60 non-profits in Greater Portland.  More than 20 of those volunteers came to the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine, where they had a big impact on the back yard.  On your next visit, notice the freshened up pirate ship and picnic tables – and the absence of a certain wonder of the world! (The Taj Mahal wasn’t built for long-term outdoor use, so our volunteers helped to dismantle and remove it – tata, Taj Mahal!)

Meanwhile, a few blocks away at the United Way offices, there was still more volunteering! Kathryn Miller (dedicated Marketing and PR Assistant) and I met with seven of Greater Portland’s top professionals with expertise in the fields of marketing, branding and public relations. These volunteers offered Kathryn and I a lot of very helpful guidance for sharing our message with the community, providing stronger service to our members and theatre-goers, and advancing our mission.

A big round of applause to the United Way and all their volunteers for making the Day of Caring happen! Read more about it in the Press Herald here.