Spring Break Science Exploration Mini-Camp

Join us for three days of curiosity quenching science exploration! We’ll use the museum’s exhibits and natural artifacts as prompts for fun experiments, art projects, and games. We’ll learn about incredible springtime insects, explore ocean depths, become mini-meteorologists, and solve scientific riddles along the way! This is a drop-off camp for ages 5-8. Runs 4/21-4/23.

$90/member, $120/visitor. To register call 828-1234 x231 or stop by the front desk.

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Join our Science Exploration Mini-Camp February 17th-19th

Join us for three days of curiosity quenching science exploration! We’ll use the museum’s exhibits and natural artifacts as prompts for fun experiments, art projects, and games. We’ll travel to the deep sea with puppets and costumes, learn about the stars in the night sky within our mini planetarium, investigate dinosaur fossil replicas, and practice our scientific sleuthing skills all along the way! This is a drop-off camp for ages 5-8. Runs 2/17-2/19.

$90/member, $120/visitor. To register call 828-1234 x231 or stop by the front desk.

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I’m Ryan. Be one of my campers!

Ryan and a camper conducting a (very messy!) science experiement.About Ryan:

BS Wildlife Science, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) (Syracuse, NY)
MPS Natural Resource and Recreation Management, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) (Syracuse, NY)
From the time he was a young boy in his native state of New York (the upstate part!), Ryan has been captivated by the outdoors and all things science. Ryan has a variety of experience working with youth in science-related programs as a volunteer educator for the NYS Parks Department and as a science educator with his college. He sees science education as a way to engage youth in their natural surroundings and aims to make science something fun and enjoyable.

Here’s what Ryan has to say about his 2013 summer camps:

• Young Inventors (7/22-7/26) •

As a child, one of my favorite activities was to play with my Lego sets. I relished the excitement of building giant castles with secret folding trap doors and collapsing draw bridges. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was engineering: using my imagination and creativity to build something from nothing. The opening of the Child Inventor Service exhibit is a testament to the Museum’s mission to incorporate science, technology, engineering and math (known as STEM) into early childhood learning. This inspired me to create Young Inventors Camp, all about building, designing, and of course, inventing. I’m really looking forward to inspiring curiosity and creativity in the campers and watching what they will build with it. On the last day of camp, we’ll test our engineering skills in a special Egg Mobile Crash Test Derby. Everyone is invited to watch and cheer on the Young Inventors!

• Dinos Rock! (8/12-8/16) •

No childhood is complete without some infatuation with the giant reptilian creatures of long ago. Their size, diversity, and mystique make dinosaurs a great topic for a summer camp. In Dinos Rock! camp, we will be exploring other ancient animals like mastodons, giant ground sloths and even a cheetah that roamed the Great Plains of North America. The museum has many real fossils and replicas that we will examine for a hands-on experience. We’ll make our own fossil casts and become paleontologists as we venture on an exciting dig in the backyard.

Talk to Ryan:

Curious about Ryan’s camps? Contact Ryan at 828-1234 x229 or email him at ryan@kitetails.org.

Ready to register? You can do it online here or call Shana at 828-1234 x232.

Introducing…More Summer Camps!

Here in the Education office, we’re excited about our new camp offerings for this coming season. We’re going to kick off the summer series with a unique educational camp geared toward older kids called “Science Safari”. Using the creatures and critters from our Ranger Station (like our new turtles), our Tidepool Touch Tank, and our animal rehabilitator friend, David Sparks, we’ll be learning all about animal adaptations, environments and lifestyle.

"Science Safari" campers will get to know the turtles in our Ranger Station!

Our second new camp for the season is called “Around the World.” We’ll meet a variety of people from far away places, read stories that will take us there, and create some cultural crafts!

These half day camps are packed with educational activities but there’s still time for free exploration. In addition, this year we’ll provide a healthy snack.

Summer camp registrations have been rolling in and slots are filling fast. Are you on the ball with your summer planning? There are only a few weeks left of our early bird discount-that’s 50% off your 2nd camp! This is a deal siblings can take advantage of, too. Click here for more camps and to register. We hope to see your registration soon!

Introducing…Science Camps!

Campers in "Slimy, Squishy, Slick, and Slippery" will spend lots of time visiting creatures in our Tidepool Touch Tank.

This August we will be offering two science camps for kids ages 4 to 5.  I’m having so much fun planning “Slimy, Squishy, Slick, and Slippery,” which is a week of experiencing textures.  Every day, we’ll make a new type of clay or slime from scratch using simple ingredients, making and then testing predictions about the textures we’ll create.  Throughout the week, we’ll also meet, touch, and study some real, live animals with wet, slippery skins.  This includes studying earthworms, and visiting the residents of the Tidepool Touch Tank.

Two weeks later is “Amazing Animal Journeys,” also for ages 4 to 5, where we’ll learn about a different migratory animal each day, acting out its yearly travels.  Three of these animals will be the hummingbird, the humpback whale, and the fascinating American eel!  Each child will also have a chance to do a week-long project creating his or her own animal puppet, adding pieces to it each day as we learn about different adaptations that help creatures migrate.

Both camps are designed to encourage campers to use their imaginations and to engage in the process of science in a fun, playful way.  I think these week-long half day camps could provide a great way to transition back into the school year!  Also, don’t forget that if you sign up for two camps by May 1st, you’ll get one for half price. Click here for more information and to register for any of our 11 amazing summer camps.

Silly Science at CMTM

Making slime
Making slime

‘Sizzle….bubble….and pop’ were popular sounds and actions as our junior scientists met for a silly and slimy summer camp last week at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine. We made varieties of slimes from household materials. We turned liquids and solids into each other and experimented with gasses.We even turned our hands into paws and had relay races to study animal adaptations. Our mini explosions are over and our ‘science lab’ is now slime free, but the Silly Science campers now have some neat (and gooey) knowledge to hold on to.

-Louisa Donelson, Camp Leader