We’re on TV!

I can’t stop watching this YouTube clip. No, it’s not a cat playing the piano – it’s the new public service announcement created for us by WCSH 6! It’s exciting to see my home away from home on TV, of course, but what really keeps me watching is the spirit of play it captures. When I wander the Museum with a regular still camera, I get a lot of fun shots, but parents always seem to duck out of the way. Nathan, who shot the video, was able to capture the joy, exuberance and silliness that parents get to express when they’re at play here with their children. What I see in the PSA that’s so special is the same thing I see every day, but never seem to capture on film: parents and children learning from each other and exploring together.

We can’t thank WCSH and the team behind this PSA – Caroline, Aimee and Nathan – enough for their great work on this! Keep an eye out for the clip the next time you’re watching channel 6!