I’m Jamie – Be One of My Campers!

About Jamie:

BFA Painting, Maryland Institute, College of Art (Baltimore, MD)
MA Cultural Sustainability, Goucher College (Towson, MD) (expected 2013)
Combining her love of world cultures, community and sustainable food is one of Jamie’s favorite things about working at the Children’s Museum & Theatre. In her career as an educator, Jamie incorporates the lens of an artist into facilitating creative, play-based learning across disciplines. Previously she has worked as an educator privately and at various organizations, including Interlochen Center for the Arts. She is also an exhibiting artist.

About Jamie’s Camps (in her own words):

February in Maine might mean snow days and single digit temperatures, but at the Museum & Theatre it means: summer camp planning! For the last few weeks, I’ve been sitting at my desk, daydreaming about balmy July mornings and all kinds of hands-on activities to explore with campers. I’m particularly excited about this year, as I’m running two brand-new camps with a really interdisciplinary spin – something we love to encourage around here. I mean, why focus on one subject when you can learn about lots of things at once?

My first camp, running July 9th-13th, is called Art, Numbers & Nature. As someone who’s always found the great outdoors a source of inspiration for both my artistic and intellectual contemplations, I’m looking forward to getting my campers fired up about things like the golden ratio, geometric dimensions of honeycomb, and the way tree branches grow. Even though we’re located in an urban setting, there’s way more than enough around us to explore scientific, mathematical, and artistic concepts through things as small as leaves in our backyard garden – or as large as the clouds we can see out the window. Children are naturals at finding connections between the unexpected, and that’s just what I’m going to encourage in this camp. Can you imagine the art projects that’ll ensue?

My second camp is also interdisciplinary, but is really going to appeal to those who love the big screen. Mini Moviemakers, running July 30th-August 3rd, will give campers a chance to see for themselves how movies are made – by giving them a chance to make their own movies. We’ll explore aesthetic concepts like composition, lighting, sound and color while also discussing plotlines of a story, conceptualizing sequences, and discovering the mathematics of editing. Not to mention the flutter of excitement when your artistic product is viewed by the world for the first time! On the last day of camp we’ll have a special movie screening for family members. This will be a hoot, as you can imagine. We’ll make sure to supply the popcorn.

So – it may be eleven degrees outside, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about summer. If you’ve got questions about my camps, please send me an email – I’d love to hear from you!

Talk to Jamie:

Curious about Jamie’s camps? Contact Jamie at 828-1234 x241 or email her at jamie@kitetails.org.

If you don’t have any questions and are ready to register, you can do it online here or call Shana at 828-1234 x232.