Stairwell Gallery Featured Artist: Tim Burns

The artwork of local Portland-area visual artist Tim Burns are currently showing in our front Stairwell Gallery. Please come and take a look at these fantastic, fanciful stories, told in a single panel.


The drawings and paintings of Portland artist Tim Burns would be at home in childrens’ story books or as illustrations for fairy tales. Yet, Burns’ stories are narrative fragments not tied to any past story or tale. For this exhibition the artist and I chose works which suggest visual stories that seem simultaneously familiar and unknown. Perhaps these are works from a book never published or from a futuristic collection of illustrated folktales- yet to be written. It’s up to you, the viewer, to help tell the story.

What do you think is happening here?

How did these characters get there?

And who is Phantom Buffalo?


-Andy Rosen, Exhibits Assistant


Aside from making great paintings and drawings Tim is also a musician and animator. He built the Kid’s Sound and Light Board for our Theater and the Audio Book reader/Old fashioned Radio for our Book Nook.

5th Annual 5% Day at Whole Foods Market on March 18th

Join our staff and volunteers as the Children’s Museum & Theatre takes over Whole Foods Market on Wednesday, March 18 for 5% Day!

Okay, we’re not actually taking over, but we will be on site all day to meet and greet customers, give out information about the Museum & Theatre and work on some fun, free craft projects. We’ll also be giving away four sets of free admission passes!

“We are so grateful to Whole Foods Market for their continued support of the Museum & Theatre,” said Executive Director, Suzanne Olson. “They have been a wonderful partner and helped us to maintain our commitment to serving our community by helping children and families make smart, healthy food choices.”

Whole Foods Market has been a major sponsor of the Museum & Theatre since 2010 and the exhibit they underwrite, the Our Town Market, is one of our most popular attractions. Every day, children “drive” to the bank to pick up some cash, pick out fresh seafood and milk among other pretend groceries at the Market, and take turns playing cashier and customer. In addition to being a place for endless daily fun, the tiny Whole Foods Market inside the museum encourages children to count, sort by size, quantity and color, and make healthy food choices as they play.

Thanks, Whole Foods Market, for helping to inspire five years of fun and learning at the Museum & Theatre, and for hosting 5% Day! We’ll be at Whole Foods Market in our red aprons throughout the day on March 18th (if you see us, come say hi!), but 5% Day lasts through the store’s open hours: 8am to 10pm. Every purchase that day, from a full pantry to a quick snack, helps us to provide top quality educational experiences every day at CMTM.

Whole Foods Market is located at 2 Somerset Street in Portland, just off of Franklin Arterial.