Visit a Bug Biologist’s Lab on January 17th!

Join science educator Laura Poppick on a family field trip to a biology lab at the University of Southern Maine in Portland! USM biologist Dave Champlin will lead us through a series of interactive science experiments exploring the incredible lives of caterpillars and moths. We’ll hold and handle caterpillars at different life stages, learn how to use basic scientific tools, and create an observational art project. We’ll also have time to explore dozens of other preserved natural specimens in the lab, and take a tour of the science building!

$2 per person. Recommended for ages 5+.

Sign up online here!

Note: This event does not take place at Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine. Personal transportation required. Program participants will meet at 70 Falmouth Street, Portland, Maine. Participants will receive a confirmation letter upon registering with information about parking at the USM Portland campus.