Be a Cultural Consultant for our production of “Cinderella”

The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine is looking for Cultural Consultants to help us with our upcoming production of Cinderella. This is a very special version of the Cinderella story interweaving the Micmac, Russian, and Chinese versions of the tale. We’d like to give each story an authentic voice, and we’re looking for the right people to help us do that. We’re looking for people with an intimate knowledge of Chinese and Micmac culture to share their experience with designers, directors, and young actors.

The Cultural Consultants will be expected to give us preliminary feedback on the script and take part in three one-hour meetings held at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine during March and April 2014. These meetings could take place virtually or by skype if necessary.

1.       One informational meeting with directors and designers to talk about the culture, the story, and the aesthetics of theatre in the specific culture.

2.       One informational meeting with director and young actors to talk about culture, the story, and answer any questions.

3.       One presentation with museum visitors in which the actors will perform a short section from the play and visitors will have a chance to ask questions about the story and culture before the show.

For their contribution to the production, we will offer consultants a modest stipend of $300 and four complementary tickets to see the performance.

If the cultural consultants have theatrical experience, we are also looking for costume designers or set designers for this production. Please note if you are interest in applying for any of those positions.

For more information, or to read a copy of the script, please contact me via email at