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About Reba:

BA Theatre Arts, Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA)
MA Theatre Education, Emerson College (Boston, MA) (expected 2013)
Reba spent two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco, where she facilitated a clowning troupe and helped them teach theatre workshops for youth all over the south-west region of the country. Aside from directing five mainstage productions per year at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine, Reba is an active member of Portland’s thriving theatre community. Reba uses theatre to teach anything and anything to teach theatre, loves making art with young actors, and loves watching young people find their spark!

Here’s what Reba has to say about her 2013 summer camps:

Parents approach me all the time asking what opportunities we have for younger actors. Our theatre productions are for ages eight and up, and they have seven-year-olds, six-year-olds, even four-year-olds chomping at the bit to act on our stage. Aside from Teensy Weensy Acting classes for three- to five-year-olds, we offer theatre camps for ages four to eight.

• Once Upon a Time (7/8-7/12) •

For four- to six-year-olds, we believe that inspiring a love of storytelling and a spark of imagination is key. This year,  Once Upon a Time camp will focus on five different fairy tales: Jack and the Beanstalk; Rapunzel; The Magic Fish; Hansel and Gretel; and the Frog Prince. We’ll be telling tales and creating interdisciplinary opportunities to bring the fairy tales to life.  Young children will have a chance to listen, respond and live each tale. On Friday, we’ll put on a performance for our friends and family – a special presentation of our favorite fairytale moments during the week.

• Story in a Bottle (8/19-8/23) •

Later in the summer, we’ll use our imaginations, theatre improvisation and some basic writing skills to develop a story. In the beginning of camp, we’ll discover a cryptic message that washed up on the shore after a hurricane. As a group, we’ll create the backstory.  This camp is based on the Waldorf principal of writing before reading. We believe that by writing the script, the actors will have more control over the story and have a better understanding of the subtext behind their words. This camp will offer chances for mystery, code-breaking, and interpersonal development as we work together to create the play.

A children’s theatre for kids, by kids requires a special kind of actor. Even in our camps, we’re offering concepts and curricula that will develop future actors for our stage! Actors that have experienced our camps come to auditions familiar with the expectations and confident in themselves as actors.

Talk to Reba:

Curious about Reba’s camps? Contact Reba at 828-1234 x247 or email her at reba@kitetails.org.

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