I’m Jamie. Be one of my campers!

About Jamie:

BFA Painting, Maryland Institute, College of Art (Baltimore, MD)
MA Cultural Sustainability, Goucher College (Towson, MD) (expected 2013)
Combining her love of world cultures, art and imagination is one of Jamie’s favorite things about working at the Children’s Museum & Theatre. In her career as an educator, Jamie incorporates the lens of an artist into facilitating creative, play-based learning across disciplines. Previously she has worked as an educator privately and at various organizations, including Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Here’s what Jamie has to say about her 2013 summer camps:

Just as I love planning my summer vegetable garden in the winter, I love spending January afternoons thinking about summer camps. This year I’ve got animals, movies and storytelling on the brain – three things little ones and I both can’t get enough of.

• Act Like an Animal (7/15-7/19) •

We’ll spend the week pretending, playing, and learning about all different kinds of crazy creatures that we share the earth with. We’ll combine storytelling with costume making, creative play with face paint, and learn about some pretty amazing animal adaptations in the process. As we work as a group to create and act out our own animal stories, we’ll also see animal-themed star shows and read stories like Frog and Toad and If You Give a Pig a Pancake. We’ll make sure to spend some time with our resident yellow-bellied slider turtles, honeybee hive, and touch tank full of Casco Bay sea creatures. In this camp, I’m focusing on getting young children excited about and inspired by the many different creatures we share the planet with. We’ll build our literacy skills through group reading, storytelling and dramatic role play; we’ll also practice fine and gross motor skills through costume creation and animal games. And of course, we’ll exercise our imaginations nonstop. This camp is developmentally appropriate for 4- to 6-year-olds. If your child is fascinated by animals and loves playing pretend, stories, and costume-making, this is the camp for them.

• Multimedia Movies (8/5-8/9) •

This camp is also about storytelling, but in a different format – moving pictures! We’ll rediscover the first types of moving images by exploring zoetropes, fancy flip books, thaumatropes, praxinoscopes, shadow puppets, and much more. We’ll also use the museum’s Camera Obscura to learn all about optics, light, and how our eyes process information – and how movies were eventually invented out of this incredible device. Through creative projects like making zoetropes and creating puppet shows, we’ll learn the art of composition, framing, sequencing, and narrative. By learning about the similarities between cameras and our eyes, we’ll explore properties of light and moving images. Teamwork, creative expression and storytelling will all be a part of our final movie, set to premiere on Friday morning at the end of camp. This camp is designed for 6- to 8-year-olds. This is a fantastic camp for any young film enthusiast, storyteller, or artist!

Talk to Jamie:

Curious about Jamie’s camps? Contact Jamie at 828-1234 x241 or email her at jamie@kitetails.org.

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