Answering Unanswered Questions on the Greenhouse Blog

Meet Rosanne!Most days I’m at the Children’s Museum & Theatre, I wish I had the power to pause time.  The clocks would stick, the crabs would halt mid-scuttle, and the rumbling space shuttle would delay its ignition.  And while the Museum stood still, I would fly down to the library and research the query of a three year old.  Because they ask some pretty incredible questions!

But when we’re sitting in the magical darkness of the Camera Obscura room and our discussion takes a turn towards the tangential and then a skip and a leap into Never Neverland, some questions are left unanswered.  Like this doozy from last week: If you stood on your head enough, could you train your brain to see right-side-up when you’re up-side-down? Hmm.  Sometimes the clock is ticking or attention is faltering, but much of the time, I’m simply not sure of the answer.

In teaching such imaginative and curious minds, I’ve come to realize that I essentially know nothing.  You could fill fire trucks and forests and whales and volcanoes with the things I don’t know. And while I’m perfectly happy to admit that, I always rush home a little faster those days to sherlock some answers.

Which brings us to the point of this introduction, a blog. A blog, you say? How fun! Adventures from  a Museum Greenhouse was created as an outlet to explore, to ponder, to teach and to learn.  A slight bit a way to grow my smarts and a bigger bit a way to answer the questions I couldn’t, this blog was born and blossoms from the minds of our visitors.  Because their imagination and creativity impress me every time I come to work, and I’ll happily let their questions follow me as I leave.

Rosanne started at the Museum & Theatre as a greenhouse education intern and recently joined our staff as a Visitor Guide. Learn more about Rosanne and the rest of our staff here.