Interview With “Pinocchio” Cast Members

As the dates of our preview and opening performances draws nearer, I asked five members of the cast of Pinocchio to share their experiences so far. Here is what Claire, Eden, Kaleigh, Michela and Bianca had to say:

Claire Devlin is playing Geppetta the Woodcarver.

1. Why did you decide to do Theatre at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine this summer?

CLAIRE: I missed the last show due to a school trip and I missed performing!
EDEN: It sounded like a lot of fun.
KALEIGH: I decided to do theatre at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine this summer because I was looking for a new adventure and a fun time, a way to occupy my time this summer.
MICHELA: Because it’s awesome here!  This place is my second home.  I love the atmosphere here and all the people too!
BIANCA:  Because I wanted to keep busy, and it’s really fun. I made the mistake of not doing Tomato Plant Girl last summer due to one week of church summer camp and I regretted it. I didn’t want to make that mistake again!

2. What is your favorite warm-up game?  How do you play it?

Eden Dyer is playing Fox the Count.

CLAIRE: I really love the game What Are You Doing? Someone goes onstage and does a gesture, then the second person asks what they’re doing.  The first player says something different than what they’re doing.  Player B has to do that gesture and then player C enters and repeats the game with different gestures.
EDEN: The Park Bench.  You sit next to somebody waiting for the bus and talk to them in character.
KALEIGH: What Are You Doing?
MICHELA:  I like Bus Stop because it gets your brain working.  One person sits at the bus stop, neutral while another person comes up and starts the scene.  As the scene progresses, the neutral actor must come up with an excuse for leaving. Once they leave the actor left will become neutral and a new scene will start.
BIANCA: What Are You Doing? It’s so much fun!

Kaleigh Colson is playing Master Antonio and The Coachman.

3. What is your favorite moment in the play so far?

CLAIRE: I really like the moment when the blue fairy (Bianca Brown) says “Mastroni thows puppets in the fire!” and she says it in funniest way.  It really cracks me up!
EDEN: When Reed attacks the cabinet.
KALEIGH: My favorite moment was when I had to miss a few rehearsals and when I came back everyone was welcoming and happy to see me.
MICHELA: I think when Pinocchio tells the blue fairy about the silver tree in the field of miracles.
BIANCA: Finding out I got to play the blue fairy.  It was good for me, but bad for the actress originally cast in her role. She got sick and I took her place!

4. What is the craziest thing your character does in the play?

Michela Micalizio is playing Mastroni the Puppet Master.

CLAIRE: At one point in the play, I get swallowed by a giant fish.  I’d probably say the part where I build a fire to make the fish sneeze and let us out is pretty crazy.  I do that part with my cast mate, Reed Foehl, who plays Pinocchio.
EDEN: [picks up some bubblegum off the ground]
KALEIGH: I have two roles.  As Master Antonio I think the craziest thing is finding a talking piece of wood.  As the coachman the craziest thing is turning young boys into donkeys.
MICHELA: Everything!  Well, maybe not everything, but he’s a crazy guy!  I think the craziest thing he does is have the sock puppets on all the time.
BIANCA: Talk in baby talk.  All the time!

5. Why do you think people should come see Pinocchio?  What makes it a great show?
CLAIRE: There are a lot of really talented people in this show, which makes it really fun and interesting.  Also, it’s unpredictable, which makes it a fun show to watch.

Bianca Brown is playing Glissandra the Blue Fairy.

EDEN: We’ve worked hard on it and the plotline is pretty good.
KALEIGH: I think you should come to Pinocchio because it’s funny and very family friendly.  What makes the show great is the fact that there is something for everyone from younger to older.  You can’t help but LOVE it!
MICHELA: I think people should come see Pinocchio because of the fun cast and the great story, which make it a FANTASTIC show!
BIANCA: There’s a surprise around every corner.  There’s a great message for kids and humor for everyone.  The cast works really well together and that makes for a great show.

See Claire, Eden, Kaleigh, Michela, Bianca and the rest of the cast of Pinocchio on opening night, Friday, July 23 at 4pm. For tickets visit our website, call 828-1234 x231 or stop by the front desk!

If you’d like to make new friends and have fun in the theatre like these five girls, audition for Beauty and the Beast! Auditions are Monday, August 30 from 3-5pm. We are also offering a free audition workshop on Wednesday, August 25 at 2:30pm so you can prepare! To register for the workshop call 828-1234 x247 or email