A Sneak Peek at Pinocchio!

Who doesn’t love Pinocchio? I remember it was one of the first Disney movies that my brother would watch with me because it wasn’t “girly.” When I was a little older, I remember watching what we called a “real people” (not a cartoon!) Pinocchio movie that was much truer to the Carlo Collodi story. The Field of Miracles quickly became my favorite part of the story and I am so glad that the Museum & Theatre production of Pinocchio includes it!

I ventured downstairs to the Dress Up Theatre last night for a mini photo shoot with the cast. First off, let me just say that costumes look AMAZING! Christina, our costume designer and front desk staffer, has outdone herself once again. If she helps you at the front desk be sure to congratulate her (of course, you should see the show first!).

I also met some new faces in the cast and, like all our young actors, they have already immersed themselves into the Museum & Theatre community. One of the greatest things about our theatre program is the welcoming atmosphere created by the young actors. They accept new faces with open arms and wish good luck to those who move on to other activities!  Along with this, they’ve started a new tradition of creating raps for each show. I got a taste of a rap Pinocchio (played by Reed Foehl) created; the audience is really in for a treat!

Though I only saw bits and pieces of scenes, I know this is going to be a fast-paced and engaging production. With the multiple scene changes (aided by a great signpost that you can see on the Pinocchio poster and postcard) and fun costumes, audiences young and old will be on the edge of their seats! Be sure to buy your tickets to see the adventures of Pinocchio as he discovers what it truly means to be a real boy. The show opens in TWO WEEKS!

To buy tickets visit www.kitetails.org, call 828-1234 x231 or stop by our front desk!