Tall Tales: Chickens and Dragons and Bears, Oh My!

During Tuesday’s Tall Tales program, I wrote this AWESOME story with four lovely co-authors: Emilia, Beatrice, Maeve and Annie.

“The Wizard, the Princess and the Dragon

Once upon a time there was a wizard named Owen. And he had a pet dragon named Magic. Rapunzel married Owen! They lived in a castle in the woods. A big bear came! The bear ate up all their honey. They didn’t have any money to buy any more honey! They were gonna sell chicken eggs. They had three chickens named Lucy, Lunch and

Maybe this is what Owen's dragon looks like!

Dinner. A fox came and ate all the eggs! Owen chased the fox! They couldn’t get it and they were really sad so they decided to sell their house. They decided to use all their money for Rapunzel’s haircut! With Rapunzel’s new haircut and Magic the Dragon, they got a carwash for Magic. They became hobos! They realized Owen could make things with magic. So they made a house of candy! And they made money, pretzels, eggs, and a barbershop. They were all thrilled because they would never be poor or hungry or hobos or have bad haircuts ever again! And they lived happily ever after. The End.”

Come in on Sunday to make up your own tall tale – we’ll be crafting more stories of wizardry at 2pm!