Tall Tales

On Sunday, May 16, I had an fantastic time making up some stories with a four-year-old named Madeline during Tall Tales: Forest Creatures. Here are two of the stories she came up with, one featuring our very own turtle, Eloise!

Once upon a time there was a turtle named Eloise. He swam along the riverbank. Suddenly, Eloise heard a noise. And it was: ROAR! Eloise didn’t know what to do. He turned around and swam the other way. Pretty soon, Eloise saw something amazing! He saw a peacock! The peacock’s feathers were bright blue. He started swimming the other way! By this point, Eloise was getting very tired. And then he fell asleep while he was swimming. When Eloise opened his eyes, he was in his cozy bed. And then he started swimming again. The End!

Today was a very exciting day. Cause there was gonna be a birthday party! Jasmine the bluebird was turning four years old. And then she was decorating the room with balloons and decorations. She hoped all her friends would come. And then she started hearing knock, knock on the door! And she heard all her friends, they were all singing “Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!” Everyone was so happy to be celebrating Jasmine’s birthday. There was even a huge birthday cake! It had star birthday candles. And then she heard another one go knock knock knock ROAR and it was her friend the bear. The End!

Join us for Tall Tales this summer and enter an adventure of your own making! Check our calendar of events for dates and times.