Sneak Peek at April Vacation Week!

Does Little Rabbit really want those red wings?

April vacation is the best time to visit the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine! Why? First of all, it’s the opening of the play The Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings. The actors are geared up, the set is unbelievable, and the tickets are only $7 for members and $8 for non-members! Now that’s an amazing deal for quality children’s theatre.

VACATION TIP: Purchase your ticket in advance to guarantee a chance to see the show. Bring your child to the Museum before the performance for some time to explore and play. Try to find the rabbits hiding in the Museum! Come to the Friday show, and you can spend some time with one of our staff learning the difference between rabbits and hares.

Another reason to visit during April vacation is that the backyard will be open every sunny day! So you can promise your young friends & children a visit to the Sea Pirate Ship where they can play in the sunshine.

VACATION TIP: Pack a lunch, or swing out to one of the restaurants in our neighborhood for a meal to-go. Bring your food to the back yard for a picnic lunch. (Your admission is good all day, so you can leave and return as you please!)

Yet another great reason to visit next week is the amazing roster of programs we will be offering. For our blog-readers only we are providing SNEAK PEEK of next week’s programs. Lucky you! Some of these events may be found on our website calendar at, but others are being announced here for the first time (check out the Earth Day Celebration schedule!). So take a look at your calendars, plan out your week, and come join us for a great time!

Monday, April 19 Activities:
10:30-12 Who’s in Rabbit’s House? To register, contact Reba at or at 828-1234 x247.
11:00 Rabbit Ears!
1:00 Kids on the Block Puppet Show!
2:00 Bunny, Bunny, Rabbit!

Tuesday, April 20 Activities:
10:30 Shadow Fun!
11:00 Story by Heart & Tide Pool Touch Tank
11:30 Whale Time & Dinosaurs Program
12:00 Star Show
12:30 Marine Mammals Program
1:00 We are Maine – India
1:30 Camera Obscura Show
2:00 Tide Pool Touch Tank
2:30 Star Show
3:00 Camera Obscura Show
3:30 Art through the Ages: Paul Cezanne
4:00 Star Show

Wednesday, April 21 Activities:
10:30 Earth Ball
10:30 Tide Pool Touch Tank
11:00 Whale Time!
11:30 Cultural Creations: Greek Feast
12:00 Camera Obscura Show
12:30 Star Show
1:00 Kids on the Block Puppet Show!
1:30 Tide Pool Touch Tank
2:00 Cultural Creations: Greek Feast
2:00 Whale Time!
2:30 Camera Obscura Show
3:00 Face Painting
3:00 Star Show
3:30 Cup Towers
3:30 Camera Obscura Show
4:00 Whale Time!

Celebrate the Earth with us!

Thursday, April 22 Activities:

10:30 Little Kids Morning Out: Earth Ball
11:00 Whale Time!
11:30 Songs of Spring: Mud Puddles
12:00 Stage Story
12:00 Camera Obscura Show
12:30 Touch Tank
1:00 Star Show
1:30 Whale Time

  • 2:00 Recycling Basketball & Recycled Crafts
  • 2:30 Tide Pool Touch Tank & Earthy Dance Party
  • 3:00 Sowing Seeds: Seed Tapes & Pot Decorations
  • 3:30 Seed-Planting & Animal Puppet Parade

4:00 The Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings: Sneak Peek Performance! (VACATION TIP: Reserve your tickets now before they sell-out! Thursday is filling up FAST!)

See the opening night performance of The Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings!

Friday, April 23 Activities:
10:30 Shadow Fun
11:00 Dog-bite Prevention Workshop
11:00 Star Show
11:30 Tide Pool Touch Tank
11:30 Cultural Creations: Greek Feast!
12:00 Whale Time!
12:00 Stage Story
12:30 Camera Obscura Show
1:00 Tide Pool Touch Tank
1:30 Face Painting
2:00 Whale Garland Craft
2:30 Whale Time!
3:00 Camera Obscura Show
3:30 Birthday on a Budget
4:00 The Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings: Opening Night!