Play Around Portland!

I’ve never appreciated spring as much as I do now that I’ve moved to Portland from Maryland. It’s great being in Portland because even in the midst of a city, you can find havens of green, beach or outdoor fun! Every time there is a sunny day in Portland (and I’m not at the Museum & Theatre) I love to walk down to the Eastern Promenade and sit by the water. There is an excellent playground and lots of space for your family to explore and play games. It’s the perfect place for a picnic and it’s very pet friendly!

Eastern Promenade Park- complete with seagulls!

If you’re looking for some reading material to bring to the picnic or want to catch up on your reading during April vacation week, check out the newly renovated Portland Public Library! Check out their website to learn how to get a library card, or you can take an afternoon to browse the stacks and find a quiet place to read. The children’s library is pretty awesome and there are a lot of librarians and employees who go out of their way to help you find what you need!

Another fun family idea is to catch a Portland Sea Dogs baseball game! The Sea Dogs are Portland’s own Double-A minor league baseball team. The stadium is right in the heart of Portland (271 Park Avenue) and you can park at the Maine Medical Center lot located at 995 Congress St. (except during noon weekday games). Tickets are under $10 and coming from a family of baseball lovers (go Orioles!) I know that baseball games are always so much fun, especially when hot dogs and popcorn are involved!

Ocean Gateway Visitor's Center

One more tip for travelers. If you are like me and are prone to getting lost (even if you’re 5 minutes from home!), look for the Visitors Center at 14 Ocean Gateway Pier. It’s the giant building with the clock tower! You can find brochures, maps and lots of friendly, helpful faces.

On a sunny or rainy day, the Museum & Theatre is a great place to bring your family! When the weather is nice you can play outside in our Shipyard, pretending to sail the seven seas. Or if it’s an indoor day, there are many things to do including daily programming, exploring our exhibits and seeing our spring play The Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings, running April 22 – May 2!