Meet Claire, an actor in The Emperor’s New Clothes!

Claire has been acting in our plays since 2008 and she is so fun to work with. Seeing her grow through the years has been amazing and I asked her to share a little about her acting experience. Here’s what she had to say:

Claire, an actor in our Theatre productions

“Joining back in autumn of 2008, I acted in Raggedy Anne and Andy and Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine’s summer show, Tomato Plant Girl. Raggedy Anne and Andy was my first real theatre experience. I was, of course, very nervous when I went in to my audition. I was soothed by Reba’s calming manner and my audition began immediately. My mother met us after, and, my nerves returning, Reba led me upstairs. She saw my mom and broke into a jabber about scheduling, rehearsals, and show times. My mom looked at me. “Does this mean she’s in?” Beaming at me, Reba stated, “She’s in like Flynn.” I broke into a wide grin.

Being in the show, I learned the ropes of Children’s Theatre. I have since then traveled the fun, amusing, challenging yet unforgettable road of these shows. I have met new people, formed new and long-lasting friendships, and really discovered what I love to do. There are a lot of challenges in theatre, but even more rewards and triumphs to match. At the Children’s Theatre, we do a lot of focus on finding our character, discovering how we fit into our character, and how our character relates to us. For the first few weeks of rehearsal, before we really familiarize ourselves with our role, Reba, our director, encourages us to try new things on the stage. To play with our characters, and to always trust your scene partners. You’re in it together. It’s an exciting and challenging prospect to discover and play around with the different aspects of your character: excited, glum, pensive, it could go any way.

A picture I took of Andrew, Michela and Sheena during Emperor's New Clothes rehearsal!

One of the very best triumphs of all your hard work and effort of a production is opening night. To know that this is your first ever show of this production, to know that so much time and effort has greatly paid off, is a really special feeling. It is an extremely exciting night, probably one of the most important nights in the play. We do a lot focus and vocal exercises preceding the show. We take a lot of time to get fully and in depth into our character.

A second most rewarding moment is bows. The opening night jitters have been completely bowled over by joy, pride, delight, satisfaction, gratification, and relief! You did it! One of the best triumphs is witnessing all the satisfied and delighted audience members, especially the young kids, who come in with such high hopes and expectations. A great sense of accomplishment and feeling of pride enters you and takes over your jitters as the audience applauds.”

See Claire play a tricky swindler in our winter production of The Emperor’s New Clothes running March 4-7 & 18-21. Buy tickets online, call 207-828-1234 x231 or visit our front desk!