Courtney and Lauren’s Olympic Journal

A Museum & Theatre family is in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics!  Courtney (with help from her sister Lauren) offered to share some of their journey with us:

Lauren (age 4) and Courtney (age 6)

Travel Day

Getting to Vancouver took a long time.  First we drove to Boston, then we flew to Seattle and then we drove to Vancouver.  When we were at the airport we met the pilot.  His name was Captain Dean.  I asked him how long he has been flying and he said 13 years.  He told me his favorite thing about flying was the view from up there.  When we were on the plane, he announced from the cockpit that he would like to say a special hello to his new friends Courtney and Lauren.  I felt kind of nervous to talk to him and then I was excited when he said hi to me in front of the whole plane!!!

Olympics – Day 1

Courtney and Lauren with the torchbearer!

Today was a very long and exciting day.  First we went to the Vancouver airport to get our picture taken with the torch and my sister and I got to hold it.  Then we took a skytrain to the waterfront and we went to the Royal Canadian Mint.  We got to hold a gold bar worth $380,000.  It was really heavy…28 pounds!  My mom had to help me lift it because I couldn’t even move it myself.  While we were there we learned that we could come back later to hold the actual Olympic medals.

We took a taxi to Granville Island where we were able to watch the Olympic torch.  It was very crowded and very exciting.  We saw the torchbearer run to the dock and get on a canoe and be paddled across to downtown Vancouver.  It was kind of cool.  We wore our torchbearer mittens and waved them and our flags to show our excitement.  We also took our pictures with the torchbearer man and lady.

After this we went back downtown to a museum called Canada’s Northern House.  It had caribou and muskox and even a big polar bear which we got our pictures taken with.  It also had an Arctic Wolf and lots of native art.

While we were waiting to go back to the mint to touch the Olympic medals we walked around and we ran into a display of lanterns made by kids.  There were hundreds of them lighting up the street.  They were very pretty and it was neat that they were all made by kids.

Courtney holding an Olympic medal

My favorite part of the day was what happened next.  We were allowed to touch the gold medals of the Olympics.  We had to wear special gloves that say “I touched a gold medal” and we got to keep them.  It was the very best part of a very exciting day.

Lauren says her favorite part of the day was when we were waiting for the torch to run by us and she was running around waving her flags and wearing her torchbearer mitts and people were cheering for her.  She  thinks that the torch was the most exciting part of our first Olympic day.

Stay tuned for more as the girls explore Vancouver and learn more about the Olympics.