Courtney and Lauren’s Olympic Journal: Grouse Mountain & Live City

Courtney and Lauren explore Grouse Mountain and Live City for this next journal entry. I also have some exciting news! Tomorrow, Friday, February 26, from 10:30-11:30am we are celebrating the Winter Olympics at the Museum & Theatre. Join us for some imaginative figure skating, silly racing, a long jump and an awards ceremony. Lauren and her mother will be attending the event, so you can ask them more questions about their Olympic adventure! We hope to see you tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy this entry:

Skyride going up Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain

On Friday we went to Grouse Mountain and we went on a cable car called the Skyride.  It was fun and creepy at the same time.  It went very high all the way up to the top of Grouse Mountain.  It was fun exploring there.  We saw skiers, snowboarders and hockey players.  We saw the place where the Today Show is filming while in Vancouver for the Olympics.  We took a picture of ourselves by the fireplace that we have seen on the Today Show.  We saw an ice carver too.  We watched a movie called Born to Fly and another one about the bears on Grouse Mountain called Bear Paws.

Lauren and Courtney in front of the Today Show fireplace

It was a very interesting story about bears that live on the mountain. I learned about  bears hibernation and about how they rehabilitate bears in British Columbia.  Lauren couldn’t say British Columbia so she called it Bridgets Clumbia. We thought that was very funny.  We also saw Timberwolves that live on the mountain.  The view from the top was very pretty.  Mom said it was breathtaking.  It was the highest place I had ever been to except flying on a plane.

Live City

On Saturday we went to the Live City in downtown Vancouver.

Courtney and Lauren with the Coca-Cola bear

The highlight was the Coca Cola Pavilion which had a bar that looked like ice that served Coca Colas, a Polar Bear swim game, pictures with the torch and Coke Bear and lots of lights and sounds.  They had all the torches from other Olympics to look at as well as all the old Cola bottles.  They had a recycling station to teach kids about recycling too.  My favorite part of that pavilion was getting my picture with the real Coke bear.

Courtney and Lauren with sled dogs

We also saw real sled dogs outside the Samsung  pavilion.  One was named Opal and I got to pet her and also get my picture taken with the pretend sled with the mascots on it. We also played computers in the Acer Pavilion and took our picture with Quatchi Miga and Muk Muk in the Panasonic Pavilion.  We listened to music and we watched some of the skiing on the big screen outside.  It was a beautiful day.  The weather has been very warm…not like winter at all, more like spring.

Courtney and Lauren’s Olympic Journal: February 14 & 15

Here is the second journal entry from our young Olympic reporters, Courtney and Lauren:

February 14: Valentine’s Day & Chinese New Year

Courtney and Lauren in Chinatown

Today is the Year of the Tiger and we went to Chinatown to celebrate it.  Before going there we went to see the Olympic cauldron which had been lit on Friday night.  We walked through Gastown and saw the Steam Clock which whistles and shoots steam.  We walked to Chinatown and when we got there a parade of dragons was happening.  They weren’t real though, just a lot of people in a costume.  We saw the Tiger and got our picture taken with him because it is the Year of the Tiger.  We saw a lot of interesting things in Chinatown.  The streetlights were Chinese Lanterns.  There was a very pretty Chinese garden and we explored it.  In one of the buildings we got our faces painted like a tiger and even hearts too for Valentines Day.  We got balloon animals made to look like Tigers and we saw many people dressed in pretty silk dresses.

Later in the day we went to Stanley Park and looked at  the Olympic rings which are in the water.  They are lit up at night but it wasn’t dark enough to see that yet.  We saw the totem poles which were kind of cool  and nearby a statue of a runner had torchbearer mittens tied onto it’s hands…that was kind of funny.

Going to Chinatown was my favorite part of the day.  It had a very cool gate entrance and the garden was very neat.  It was very exciting to celebrate Chinese New Year in Chinatown.   I really liked it.

February 15

Rainforest room at the Vancouver Aquarium

Today we went to the Vancouver Aquarium.  We saw sharks, a big sea turtle and lots of other marine animals.  There was a dolphin show and a beluga whale show.  I learned that dolphins skin feels like a hard boiled egg and that beluga skin feels more squishy than a dolphin’s skin.  I asked the trainers what they eat and they told me that dolphins eat fish and belugas eat whatever they can get their mouths on.  There was a rainforest room with tropical birds and butterflies and there were turtles and a lizard.  There was a frog area and a kids zone.   There was a whole area of fish that live in the Pacific Ocean.  There was also a tropical area.  We even saw a 4D movie Planet Earth.  It was kind of scary because it felt real and it even sprayed us and touched us so we really felt like we were in the Ocean.  The people who worked there were really nice to us.  They answered all our questions and did a really great job making sure we understood the animals.  We had a really good time there.

Inukshuk: The symbol of the 2010 Winter Olympics!

We played in the playground at Stanley Park and then we went to see the Inukshuk that is the symbol of the Olympics.  Inukshuk is actually pronounced Inuksuk….the h is silent.  They told us that at the aquarium.  It was very big and it is right next to the Pacific Ocean.  I wonder how the Native Americans who built it were able to stack the rocks that high.  Another thing I wonder is how they stay together without falling over.  It was super tall.

My favorite part of today was when I got to see the beluga whales because I thought that the trainers did a really good job getting the whales to listen to what they said and the babies were really cute.

Lauren liked the dolphin show best because it was very exciting to see them leap and mom said she liked the dolphins best because kids could take a lesson from them about cleaning up their toys.  They picked up all their toys and brought them to their trainer.