Cinderella Audience Reviews!

I had the pleasure of interviewing some young audience members as they were leaving Cinderella last Thursday.  The Dress Up Theatre was packed, but both Leo and Jai had front row seats on the bolsters!  Jai even got to go up on the stage when the Fairy God Mother (played by 11-year-old Bridget Fehrs) did magic tricks at the beginning of the play!

Jai sitting in the Emperor's throne.

Leo watched the play with his brother Sam and his Mom Eden. Jai watched the play with his Grandmother.  They were both eager to talk to me afterward and tell me what they thought!

You can listen to the full interview here.  Here are a few of my favorite parts:

Reba:  What did you think of the play?
Jai & Leo:  Good!!!!

Reba:  What was your favorite part?
Jai:  In the end.
Leo:  The end!

Reba:  Why the end?
Leo:  Because they married each other.

Leo enjoying a snack after the play.
Leo getting into the royal mood with a bag of jewels!

Reba:  What was your favorite costume?
Jai:  The Prince’s
Leo:  Cinderella’s!

Reba:  Why Cinderella’s?
Leo:  Because it was pretty.

I’ve seen Jai and his Grandmother at several plays and Leo and his brother Sam have even taken a Teensy Weensy Theatre Class with me.  It’s exciting to see young people engage with and enjoy theatre at an early age, a sign that they’ll value the arts for life!

Meet Claire, an actor in The Emperor’s New Clothes!

Claire has been acting in our plays since 2008 and she is so fun to work with. Seeing her grow through the years has been amazing and I asked her to share a little about her acting experience. Here’s what she had to say:

Claire, an actor in our Theatre productions

“Joining back in autumn of 2008, I acted in Raggedy Anne and Andy and Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine’s summer show, Tomato Plant Girl. Raggedy Anne and Andy was my first real theatre experience. I was, of course, very nervous when I went in to my audition. I was soothed by Reba’s calming manner and my audition began immediately. My mother met us after, and, my nerves returning, Reba led me upstairs. She saw my mom and broke into a jabber about scheduling, rehearsals, and show times. My mom looked at me. “Does this mean she’s in?” Beaming at me, Reba stated, “She’s in like Flynn.” I broke into a wide grin. Continue reading “Meet Claire, an actor in The Emperor’s New Clothes!”