Acting Class for 6-8 Year Olds: Where the Wild Things Are

Attention 6-8 year olds! We know you’re excited to act on our stage, and we have a special class for you. This is a chance for you to learn all about acting from how to develop a character to what a monologue is. Get some experience before you audition for your first theatre show. Sign up for Where The Wild Things Are! We’ll go on an incredible adventure and turn ourselves into Wild Things.

Class meets Tuesdays from 4-5pm. (Class meets 4/7-4/28 with a final performance for family and friends on Tuesday 4/28 at 4:45pm.) This is a drop-off program; space is limited. Sign up today!

6-8 year olds / 3 week session. $45/child for members and $60/child for visitors. To register call 828-1234 x231 or stop by the front desk.

Click here to register online!

Migration with the National Audubon Society’s Project Puffin

Have you noticed different birds outside now that spring is here? Come learn about WHERE birds go, HOW they know the way there and back, and WHY they travel during the spring with the National Audubon Society’s Project Puffin! Seabird Sue – a birdwatcher in her woods and beyond – will offer a variety of hands-on activities as we take a close look at bird nests, feathers, lightweight bones, and even get to dress up as a puffin during this interactive science program. Space is limited, purchase your tickets today!$4/person plus admission. For tickets call 828-1234 x231 or stop by the front desk.

Click here to register online!

Before Hours Easter Egg Hunt

Join us for an eggcellent, eye-spy, eggvestigation. There will be hundreds of filled eggs throughout our exhibits, including a safe area for toddlers and a golden egg challenge for adventurous egg-hunters! Bring your own basket. Refreshments included!

This event tends to sell out – purchasing in advance is highly encouraged!

$8/member, $9/visitor, $15/stay and play. To purchase tickets call 1-800-838-3006, stop by the front desk or visit

Click here to purchase your tickets online!

Shakespeare Stage Stories

Join us for a series of Shakespeare Stage Stories for all ages, every Tuesday at 11am!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

April 3, 7 & 28; May 1 & 19; June 9 & 30: Fall in love with the poetry and a silly story from A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

*Friday times for Midsummer stage stories available on our website.

The Tempest

April 14; May 5 & 26; June 16: The opening scene of The Tempest takes place on a ship at sea. Together we will act out the terrible storm that leads to a shipwreck in this magical play by William Shakespeare.


April 21; May 12; June 2 & 23: ‘Tis the witching hour! Act like witches and learn some lines from one of Shakespeare’s most famously haunting plays: Macbeth!


To know some Shakespeare provides a head start in life. This grand Shakespeariment is designed for all ages, sponsored by the Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust.

Free with admission.


Silly, Slimy Science Class: Amazing Earth

Science is everywhere and for everyone! In this class designed for ages 3-5, we’ll get messy and silly as we hone our creative and critical thinking skills. This month, we’ll explore planet Earth by making bubbling fields of volcanoes, building mountains out of jell-o, acting out different types of weather, and using fossils and minerals from the Museum & Theatre’s collection to create glimmering artwork. All participants will take home a journal at the end of the month containing details of how to try these games and experiments at home!

Class meets Thursdays April 2,9,16 and 30 (no class during vacation week) from 10:15-11:15am. This is a drop-off program, and space is limited, so sign up today!

3-5 year olds / 4 week session.

$60/child for members and $75/child for visitors. To register call 828-1234 x231 or stop by the front desk.

Matt Heaton Live: Children’s Music Concert for All Ages!

Audiences may not realize Matt Heaton’s children’s music is “children’s music!” First and foremost, it is groovy, engaging and fun. Playing with skill and whimsy on guitar & banjo, Matt brings in elements of rockabilly, folk, soul and surf to entertain adults as well as kids. With shockingly listenable versions of classics like “Wheels on the Bus” alongside original compositions like “Outside Toy,” Matt’s shows are a high energy explosion of all ages enjoyment and education. Warning: Singing along may take place!

Heaton is a skilled entertainer for kids, with a repertoire of kid-friendly folk & surf-inspired originals and reworked classics. Like musicians before him, he took a keen interest in music for kids after the birth of his son, leading engaging sing-alongs that he hoped adults could enjoy, too. Armed with a bundle of new and traditional material, he organized a whole lot of extra babysitting and created his new CD, “Happy You Made It.” Matt Heaton also performs in the well-known Irish music duo of Matt & Shannon Heaton.

$5 per person plus admission. For tickets call 828-1234 x231 or stop by the front desk.

Throwback Thursday: DinoTracks and Black Beauty

Exhibits come and go here at the Museum & Theatre, and today we’re highlighting an exhibit that debuted six years ago, which you might remember: DinoTracks!

This trilingual exhibit explored, in English, Spanish and French, the fossil footprints of dinosaurs that once roamed New England and eastern Canada. Put together with help from the staff of the Dinosaur State Park in Rocky Hill, CT, DinoTracks also inspired programming including dino puppet making, learning how a Tyrannosaurus Rex moved, and making track print art.

Natural history educator Tony Sohns of Ellsworth, ME, also helped us borrow, for a limited time, a replica skull of Black Beauty. No, not the horse… a famous skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Black Beauty, named for the dark shiny mineral deposits on its bones from the rocks around it, was discovered in 1980 in Alberta, Canada, where the full skeleton is still housed at the Royal Tyrell Museum. Black Beauty and other replica skulls and complete fossils (have you heard of Sue, or Stan, a couple of other famous Tyrannosaur skeletons?) are still on tour and on display in several museums around the world. We were happy and proud to be one of them in 2009!

The original Black Beauty in Alberta, Canada. Image via Wikimedia.
The original Black Beauty in Alberta, Canada. Image via Wikimedia.

DinoTracks has come and gone as an exhibit, but we’re still wild about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures here at the museum! Did you know that we have lots of fossil replicas, minerals and more in our collection? Check out some of our Science Spotlights and other programs that will let you explore tons of rocks, fossils, and creatures both living today and from the eras of dinosaurs!

Robin Hood Puppet Show!

Our own Theatre Director Reba Short and local actress Allison McCall will use animal hand puppets to tell the story of Robin Hood to very young children. The story will use songs and poetry to bring the story to life and provide an opportunity for young actors to join us onstage.

This show is best for audiences 2-6 years old.

$3/member, $4/visitor plus admission. For tickets call 828-1234 x231 or stop by the front desk.

Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 27th at 11:30am.

Throwback Thursday: Treasure Island

Here’s a cool flyer from the archives: the cast and crew of the Children’s Theatre of Maine’s Treasure Island! In 1985, the Children’s Theatre produced Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic swashbuckling adventure story for the public. The show was adapted by Rae N. Simmonds, who also served as musical director on the production; it was directed by Jeff Toorish.

30 years later, we’re gearing up for this April’s Robin Hood, another timeless tale of action and adventure. As an additional throwback, we revisited Robert Louis Stevenson just last year, in A Child’s Garden of Verses, an interactive performance that traveled throughout the museum and to local farmers’ markets. A Child’s Garden of Verses was performed by four local adult actors, who helped bring Stevenson’s 120-year-old poetry to life for modern families.

In addition to the cast and crew list, the Treasure Island flyer makes a statement that still rings true today. Here’s a transcription, in case the flyer text below is a bit tricky to read:

“There is a common myth that theatre for children is inferior or easier to accomplish than other theatrical forms. That notion could not be further from the truth. Children’s Theatre encompasses all aspects inherent in all theatrical endeavor[s]; and indeed has facets not found in any other. We must not only keep our shows entertaining and moving. We must also educate. Our audiences–the children–do not yet have the learned skills to know when or how to react. It is part of our job to teach them.”

Today, as the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine, our casts and crews of actors ages 8 to 17, and local theatre professionals directing actors and designing various elements of the shows, continue to entertain as well as educate, providing what might be a child’s first ever experience at the theatre. Children may see a show and learn something new, or perhaps wish to jump up onstage themselves, whether in a stage story during museum opening hours, on their own in the Dress Up Theatre, or in a theatre production in our mainstage season.

We hope to see you at Robin Hood this spring – performances begin April 17th!