Holiday Artmaking, Giftmaking and More!

As snow falls and holiday lights begin to dot our streets and windows, we’re getting into the spirit of the season with all kinds of fun holiday programs at the Museum & Theatre. For us, this is a time of gathering with friends and family, making fun arts & crafts, and of course celebrating!

Want to get extra crafty to create some handmade holiday gifts this year? Join us to craft some silly mitten puppets or decoupage journals in our exclusive workshops this fall & winter.

Among our programs that are free with admission, we’re staying crafty with some holiday card making, taking a look at the art of snowflakes, and creating thumbprint reindeer ornaments. We’ll also be ringing in the New Year with some sparkly glitter slime making! Be sure to check out our events calendar for dates and more info!

What’s your favorite holiday craft? Do you want to create something new this year? We love getting into the spirit of creating (and giving!), and we can’t wait to share some of our favorite crafting activities with you!

Rhythm Play Rocks Our 2nd Floor

Any of our friends that have visited over the past month have seen that there are many changes afoot on our 2nd floor!

Some of our exhibit spaces have been evolving in to our new attraction, called Rhythm Play. Currently, we have two new areas dedicated.

Please check the photos of our big community-sized drum, large enough for several hands to play at once. Also, we are just launching our new Capoeira exhibit. Never heard of Capoeira? It’s a fascinating combination of dance, music, martial art, and athleticism that has its origins in Brazil. Check out this video of a local capoeira group. So cool!