“Locals Love” Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine

We were surprised, honored and delighted to receive recognition from the Green & Healthy Maine publication – published by the same folks who create the SunriseGuide – in their first annual “Locals Love” feature!

Green & Healthy Maine is an annual visitors guide and magazine that gives visitors to Maine a glimpse of the local, healthy, sustainable restaurants, businesses and other organizations our state has to offer. In addition to print versions available at hubs throughout the state, you can check out their digital edition through their website. It’s pretty cool!

“Locals Love” is a new feature, set to be an annual “best of” collection, voted on by the publication’s local readers based on their favorite green and healthy places throughout the State of Maine. We’re proud to be a part of the Greater Portland and Maine sustainable community.

Thanks to everyone who picked Children’s Museum &  Theatre of Maine as one of their favorites for “Locals Love!” You can check out all kinds of healthy programs and info throughout the Museum & Theatre all year round – please check out our blog and calendar for current offerings.

Throwback Thursday: Games from the Past

Have you played any of our “Old Fashioned Yard Games” yet? Our educators have been bringing games that children loved to play 100 years ago back into style this summer. I did some digging into our own history, too, and found out some interesting things…

Our community first became a permanent settlement in 1633 – only we were called “Casco…” sound familiar? – and was later renamed Falmouth in 1658, and then Portland, officially incorporated in 1786. Our history as a settled community now goes back over 380 years, but in 1982, staff of the Children’s Museum of Maine created a new exhibit for Portland’s 350th anniversary… all about old-fashioned games!

The exhibit, called “Games Children Played,” opened as an official event of the anniversary celebration  and featured games and toys that were popular throughout the 350-year period of 1632-1982. The Museum collected artifacts from a game store in Scarborough, as well as from the community, to create a rich half-exhibit, half-hands-on trip through beloved toys and games throughout our town’s history.

Want to know something even cooler? “Games Children Played” opened on March 14th, 1982… and “The Playscape” opened March 14th, 2014! It’s great to know that the spirit of play is always alive and well.

Be sure to stop by the Museum & Theatre for some Old Fashioned Yard Games like marbles and ring-toss, and check out another old favorite, croquet, in our fall production of “Alice in Wonderland!” It’s always fun to look back and see where we came from – some things are very different, but some things never change.

Kitetails Spring 1982 Newsletter article about the "new" exhibit, "Games Children Played."
Kitetails Spring 1982 Newsletter article about the “new” exhibit, “Games Children Played.”


Cooking Healthy: Berries and Cream

Hi, everyone! Did you catch our Cooking Healthy workshop this morning? Even if you missed it, we’re excited to share today’s recipe with you. Make delicious, nutritious goodies at home, any time!

Today’s recipe:

Summer Berries and Cream!

Cooking Healthy is a monthly cooking program sponsored by Northeast Delta Dental and is free with admission. Hope to see you next month!