Let Your Rag Doll Shine at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine

The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine is collecting Raggedy Anne & Andy dolls in honor of our upcoming production:

The Sun Shines on: Raggedy Anne & Andy.

We are looking for Raggedy Dolls to hang in our stairwell timeline. If you have a Raggedy Anne or Andy doll we can borrow, please label him or her with your name and phone number, and drop off at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine at 142 Free Street, no later than May 8th, 2009. The dolls will be on display for the run of the performance May 8th- May 17th . On May 18th, you can take your rag doll home.

FMI please contact Reba Short

828-1234 ext 247


please pass the word…

Maine African Film Festival

Saturday, April 18-Friday, April 24

Please join us at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine for the first Maine African Film Festival. We will be screening films throughout April school vacation week and will also be offering related cultural programming.

The Magic Lion
The Magic Lion is a short animated film about an African boy who goes on a quest to save the life of his gravely ill grandfather. He is in search of a mysterious village where there are healers who can make a special medicine. On the way he encounters a strange lion, caught in a trap, that takes him on an adventure.
Age recommendation: 6+
Length: 7 minutes
Screening Time: 11 am*, Saturday April 18-Friday April 24
Location: We Are Maine exhibit

Christopher Changes His Name
Christopher doesn’t like his name-it’s just too common! When Aunt Gail from Trinidad tells him a story about a larger-than-life character called Tiger, Christopher changes his name to Tiger. But then he finds a better name…When he has trouble cashing Aunt Gail’s birthday check made out to Christopher Mulamba, he realizes how special his real name truly is. Maybe he could stick with it…or maybe not!
Age recommendation: 5-9
Length: 6 minutes
Screening Time: 11:15 am*, Saturday April 18-Friday April 24
Location: We Are Maine exhibit


In the streets of Dakar, little Ousmane charms people with his promise: whoever gives him money will have their dreams come true. But how will he do this?
Age recommendation: 6+
Length: 15 minutes
Screening Time: 11:30 am*, Saturday April 18-Friday April 24
Location: We Are Maine exhibit

The Tree of Spirits

Playing in the bush, Tano and Koudou meet Ayoka, the guardian of an ancient baobab tree. West African and North American meet in this exciting animation.
Age recommendation: 11 +
Length: 45 minutes
Screening Time: 2 pm, Saturday April 18-Friday April 24
Location: Camera Obscura

*No early shows on Sundays

Easter Around the World

Saturday, April 11
2-3 pm

Do you use eggs in holiday celebrations? Join us for Easter Around the World and learn how children in other countries celebrate Easter. This egg-cellent celebration will include eating chocolate eggs as they do in Denmark, coloring wooden eggs similar to those decorated in the Ukraine and creating Greek Easter cards to wish one another “Kalo Pascha!” (Happy Easter!)

Growing up at the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine

sophiecmm2My daughter slept through her first visit to the Children’s Museum.
Of course, she was only a couple of weeks old at the time and I was bringing her in to visit my coworkers. That first visit primarily showed me that I could get myself, my newborn and all of the associated stuff out of the house and in to the museum in the dead of winter.
Over the next several months Sophie and I made many visits to the museum. In the beginning she rode in the baby carrier while I walked around the museum. She was fascinated with all of the noises and colors. We pressed the stuffed birds in the Ranger Station to hear their sounds, watched the colors change on the traffic light in front of the fire truck and touched the big tree to feel its texture. Watching the other children play was endlessly fascinating. Sometimes we sat in the Toddler Park. Sophie lay on her back while I dangled objects over her and made faces at her. She enjoyed leaning over one of the big cushions on her tummy so she could get a good view of the other children. I enjoyed being out of my house and around other adults. Those early visits gave me the opportunity to meet other parents, vent new mom frustrations and hear what worked for others.
Visits became even more fun as Sophie could sit up on her own. I surrounded her with toys that she could reach for herself, set her by the gears on the wall or let her admire herself in the mirror.
Now that Sophie can crawl she has incredible freedom to explore. She disappears behind the puppet theatre in the Toddler Park, then reappears out the other end. She is immensely pleased with herself when she crawls up and over the soft steps. When I peer at her through the plexi window on one side of the steps she peers back at me and giggles. During quieter times at the museum I let Sophie crawl around the other exhibit spaces. She loves having so much space to explore. She watches the other kids, chases balls in the Have a Ball exhibit, drives the fire truck and stops to check out the cow in the farm. I love sharing her delight at experiencing this place that I know so well.
When Sophie walks the museum will be a whole new adventure!

–Andrea Krasker Gavin


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